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​​​When choosing a Weighted Blanket:   How are Weight On Me™ Blankets Made and What Makes them So Wonderful?

Many blankets on the market today are made with two pieces of fabric sandwiched together with seams sewn in them to hold the fillers in place, and an outer seam to seal the blanket. While with the heavier fabrics, this will sometimes hold adequately, it is not always the safest option, nor is it the most therapeutic. Because Weighted Blankets contain loose materials poly pellets, or glass pellets, additional layers should be added for safety. Materials can easily get caught, snagged, ripped, torn, chewed, etc. These extra layers can provide that added protection for the blanket, and the user. Weight On Me Weighted Blankets also have a design that provides a solid, and soft blanket side without any seams for huggable comfort when needed, and a sensory quilted side for tactile stimulation that many children actually prefer when in tantrum or meltdown mode. Reversible versatility for every need in a safe and specially designed Hug!

When choosing any Weighted Blanket: What type of fabrics are being used?
Natural Cotton Fabrics

Weight On Me Therapy Blankets are made with only 100% Naturally Grown Cotton Fabrics.  No Synthetic Fabrics are Used in our Standard Blankets.
When Weight On Me Was Founded, we chose Cotton, and only Cotton as it is the safest, the coolest, and most breathable fabric.  Cotton comes in many options such as traditional woven, soft flannels, textured corduroy, warmer and different thicknesses of textured chenille, different weights of denim, mid-weight twill, heavy-weight duck-cloth,  and sateen. We back our Weight On Me Weighted Blankets standard in super soft and cozy flannels. They are snuggly soft and ready to hug you up!  For those that do not care for soft, we do have woven cotton options for the backings as well. Just ask! We always use 100% cotton products in all of our blankets  (Unless otherwise specified for specialty items) because we put safety first...always. Other synthetic fabrics can cause overheating, and pose suffocation risks, especially to younger children and pets.

When choosing a Weighted Blanket:  

What is used for the Weight?

Poly Pellets

We use FDA Approved, Non-Toxic Hypo-Allergenic Pellets to fill our blankets.  This leaves your blanket free from matting, bulky hot fillers, and keeps it 100% washable in your home machines*. You may always add extra layers to your blanket if you feel you need to during the colder months, we know that! So we designed ours to be the coolest option, year round!  ​

These plastic pellets are BPA free and completely safe. (As with all non-food items, we prefer you don't eat them, but if for some reason it happens, they won't harm your child.) We also have glass beads available upon request at an additional charge. They can be a good option when wanting less bulk as they are more dense. There is not a risk of sharp edges or shards as they are extremely small round beads. (You will not receive glass unless ordered.) 

​*Extra Heavy Blankets may require larger or Industrial Size Machines.

Choosing your Weighted Blanket to ensure Weighted Blanket Benefits; 

How Many Pounds in My Weighted Blanket?  What Size Weighted Blanket Do I need?

What is used to Weight the Blanket?

Can You Wash A Weighted Blanket?


When choosing a Weighted Blanket:  

How Much Weight Should I Order?
10% of Body Weight + 1 Pound

The industry Standard for Therapeutic Weighted Blankets is 10% of Body Weight + 1 Pound. (This is then normally rounded up to the next whole pound.) This weight should be evenly distributed, and sewn into pockets throughout a size appropriate blanket. Weight On Me holds by this weight recommendation, but does recommend you speak with your OT, doctor or other Therapist if you have one. CAUTION: On rare occasions some therapists have recommended weights that are dangerously high (25-50%+ of body weight) for children. Please beware of these recommendations. We will not knowingly make these blankets for your young children! If you feel like your therapist is making an unsafe recommendation, please get another opinion for the health and safety of your child.

When choosing any Weighted Blanket:

What Size Blanket Should I get? And, Does Blanket Size Matter for Children?

Blankets are made to fit an individual, and not a bed, and should not hang over the side, but lay on top of the bed, and on the individual. Buying a blanket too large in size (area) for a child is not effective as the pounds per square inch will be distributed throughout the entire blanket and a smaller amount of weight will be on the child, reducing the 10% + 1 pound desired ratio. For Example, a 3 year old child weighing  36 pounds would normally use a Child Size Blanket measuring 36x48" with a weight of 5 pounds. If a 5 pound youth size (42x54") blanket was ordered, the pounds per square inch would decrease by almost 24%. A 5 pound Twin blanket (42x72") would provide 42% less pounds per square inch than the child size blanket. That 3 year old child using a 5 pound Twin blanket would essentially be using the same pressure as a 2.14 pound Child Size Blanket. Blanket size does matter.

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