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​​​important safety information:

​​NEVER swaddle or forcefully wrap any individual in a weighted blanket or place over ones head/face. Weighted blankets should be provided and used at will. With a small child/elderly person, place a blanket on them so that they can remove the blanket easily.

NEVER Restrict or Confine ability to move. (Elderly people may require less weight depending on size and strength of the individual.)

DO NOT tuck the blanket under a mattress or otherwise restrict movement.

DO NOT Fold in half to place double weight on a child, or elderly person. Blankets are formulated to be used as a single layer.

DO NOT use under 1 year of age without advice and approval of a physician.

DO NOT place an item with poly pellets in a microwave as they can develop hot spots and can cause burns. To warm your blanket, please place into a clothes dryer for a few minutes.

ALWAYS inspect the blanket prior to use. If rips or tears are noted, discontinue use until repairs can be made. Poly pellets are not harmful, but as with any non-edible item, should not Be Ingested.

care & washing INFORMATION:

​CONTENT: Your blanket is made with 100% Natural Grown Cotton Fabric, (unless otherwise noted) making it the most breathable and the coolest option, for safety and year-round use. There are no added fillers to bunch up or present suffocation hazards for pets or younger children.

Weighted Items are filled only with 100% clean non-toxic, hypoallergenic BPA free poly pellets. (Or optional Glass Beads) making them able to be washed at home in your washer and dryer. (Not Recommended over 13 pounds. For Heavyweight Blankets, Launder in Industrial Size Machines such as available in most laundromats, or have professionally cleaned)

WASHING: Please wash alone to ensure no other items wear or rip/snag the material. Any normal or gentle cycle is acceptable. Cold water is recommended to preserve the colors and longevity of your cotton fabrics. Dry blanket completely in non-commercial clothes dryer, no-heat, cool dry or warm settings, (Or Commercial Dryer at low or no heat) or line dry. Do not use harsh chemicals or Bleach.

DO NOT IRON, Apply direct heat,place in any kid of cooking oven, or microwave.

WARMING: Blankets may be warmed before use by placing in Clothes Dryer only.

By Acceptance and Use of Weight On Me Weighted Blankets products, Purchaser/Owner acknowledges and assumes all responsibility for Safety and Use, and will not hold Get Hugged, LLC, Weight On Me WB or Partners Responsible for injury or damages.

What is my blanket made of?

Weight On Me™ Blankets are made with only 100% Natural Grown Cotton Fabrics.  No synthetic fabrics are used.  Cotton is the most breathable fabric available, making it the coolest and safest option for a wieghted blanket.  We use a wide variety of cottons, to include standard woven, twill, chenille, flannel and more, to make sure that you have not only the best quality, but the softest possible Hug!  Non-Toxic, Hypo-Allergenic Poly Pellets are the only thing used to fill and weigh your blanket.  There are no other added fillers to make your blanket bulky, hot, or matted.  Your Hug is completely washable, and can be dried in your machines home.  Because we are a mission-based business, this winning combination of low-cost and high-quality makes us the perfect choice, not only for those needing to save money, but for everyone in the market for a weighted blanket!  

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